Project progress

As a 4-years-long research project, PneumoNP will go through different phases. You can find out more about the 8 work packages comprised within the project, or have a look at the Gantt table below to know how the project is going.

PneumoNP work package Pert diagram

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Gantt table

WP1 Preparation and characterization of NCs and synthesis of AMPs
T1.1 Requirements and specifications of the NCs and NSs done
T1.2 Develop synthetic route to produce the defined NCs done
T1.3 Labelling of NCs for in vitro and in vivo studies done
T1.4 Optimization of the method for future GMP scale-up done
T1.5 Optimization of the synthetic route of AMPs and future scale-up for GMP production done
WP2 Production of antimicrobial NSs and their formulation of inhalation
T2.1 Design & develop a synthetic route to combine NCs & peptides & Meropenem in progress
T2.2 Study the stability, characteristics and loading ratios of the NSs done
T2.3 Opimization of process for future scale-up in compliance with GMP done
T2.4 Design, development and optimization of technology for generation of aerosols done
T2.5 Generation of an aerosol prototype in progress
WP3 In vitro studies up to a pulmonary model
T3.1 MIC and TK kinetics of clinical K. Pneumoniae bacterial isolates using AMPs and Meropenem in progress
T3.2 In vitro cytotoxicity studies with NCs in human lung epithelial cell lines done
T3.3 In vitro efficiency testing with combined NSs in different K. pneumoniae strains. in progress
T3.4 In vitro cytotoxicity studies with combined NSs in human lung epithelial cell lines done
T3.5 Screening of combined NSs with in vitro genotoxicity studies done
T3.6 In vitro characterization of the 6 selected NSs using P.R.I.T.® Air/Liquid Interface (ALI) culturing & exposure technique under GLP guidance in progress
T3.7 Genotoxicity testing of the selected NS as approval requirement in compliance with GLP in progress
WP4 Development of diagnostics system and efficiency/efficacy test
T4.1 Development and validation of Viable PCR (efficiency/efficacy test) done
T4.2 Identification of targets for detection of resistant strains done
T4.3 Validation of targets using Singleplex PCR test done
T4.4 Validation of simultaneous detection and optimization of the reaction conditions for SMARTFinder-based PCR assays done
T4.5 Validation of multiplex kit during preclinical in vivo assays (EMC) in progress
WP5 In vivo biodistribution/pharmacokinetic studies in healthy rats and proof of concept studies in infected rat models
T5.1 Preparation of nuclear imaging enabling selected NCs, AMPs and combined NSs in progress
T5.2 Biodistribution/Pharmacokinetik studies in healthy rats by intratracheal instillation in progress
T5.3 Biodistribution/Pharmacokinetic studies in healthy rats to test the new aerosol inhalation system in progress
T5.4 Screening for Early Bactericidal Activity (EBA) and Potential Toxic Side Effects (PTSE) of selected NSs done
T5.5 Maximum Therapeutic Efficacy (MTE) and Minimum Toxic Side Effects (MTSE) of the most promising 6 NSs done
T5.6 MTE & MTSE of most promising NS administered by aerosol inhalation in K. pneumoniae-ESBL rat Pneumonia cancelled
T5.7 Establishment of K. pneumoniae-KPC rat Pneumonia model done
T5.8 MTE and MTSE of the most promising NS administered by intratracheal instillation in progress