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In vivo antibacterial activity of SET-M33L peptide in skin infection. Example of images of five animals at day 2.

New publication: In vitro and in vivo tests for a novel antibacterial drug candidate

In vitro and in vivo efficacy, toxicity, bio-distribution and resistance selection of a novel antibacterial drug candidate Abstract: A synthetic ...
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Fight bacteria workshop 2016

Our workshop 2016: “Novel approaches to fight bacteria”

The raise of antimicrobial resistance urges the development of novel approaches to bring antibiotics into bacteria. This workshop provides an interdisciplinary overview of ...
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Fig.: A polymer coil (step 1) compacts into a nanocarrier with cross-linkers (step 2). Then, antibiotics get attached to the nanocarrier (step 3).

How to pack antibiotics in nanocarriers

Polymeric and lipidic nanocarriers may be appropriate to wrap and carry antibiotics into lungs infected by pneumonia. PneumoNP researchers work ...
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Meet us at ECCMID 2016

PneumoNP partners will attend ECCMID 2016 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from 9th to 12th April 2016. Four partners from PneumoNP will ...
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PneumoNP concept

Heal pulmonary infections with nanosystems

Fine nanosystems carrying Meropenem and antimicrobial peptides to fight pulmonary infections are ready for in vitro tests. Before 2016 starts, ...
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