Press releases

Press releases

You will find here all PneumoNP press releases. If you need specific information from a partner, please let us know via the contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also let us know your interest in the project and we will keep you informed of new press releases personnally.


[EN] New European research project aims to tackle antibiotic resistance issue raised by WHO via inhalable nanotherapeutics
[FR] Un nouveau projet européen lutte contre la menace de la résistance antibiotique soulevé par l’OMS avec des nanocomposés inhalables
[DE] Neues EU-Forschungsprojekt folgt WHO und nimmt Antibiotika-Resistenzen ins Visier
[ES] Un nuevo proyecto de investigación europeo desarrolla nanoterapias para inhalación con el objetivo de resolver el problema de la resistencia a antibióticos reconocido como alarmante por la OMS

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