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PneumoNP, is a large scale cooperative project, involving 11 partners and lasting 48 months. The work plan has been divided into 8 Work Packages (WPs), including research, technology and development, management, dissemination and exploitation activities.

PneumoNP work package Pert diagram

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Work packages description

WP1 – Production of novel nanosystem (NSs) components, comprising the development of 2 nanocarriers (NCs) and 2 novel antimicrobial peptide antibiotics (AMPs). The physico-chemical characteristics of the NCs will be investigated and methods optimized to enhance NC and AMP scale-up for future GMP production

WP2 – Generation of stable, fully characterized and scalable NSs, for potential nanotherapeutic use. These systems will comprise combinations of 2 types of AMPs and Meropenem (used to treat pneumonia) coupled to 2 different NCs.

WP3in vitro experiments, most of them related to the NSs. Selected NSs from in
-screening will be fully characterized in vitro under GLP as a previous
step for approval.

WP4 – Development of a multiplex diagnostic kit and viable (live/dead) diagnostic assays for pathogenic bacteria

WP5in vivo testing using a healthy animal model for biodistribution studies and a pneumonia-based animal model for efficacy and toxicity studies. A separate aerosol inhalation system and multiplex diagnostic assays will also be evaluated in this work package.

Management activities are addressed in WP6 (project management) and WP8 (scientific coordination), Internal and external dissemination and exploitation of the project will be carried out in WP7.

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