The following projects or initiatives are topic-related to PneumoNP. Let’s work together and share our expertise to structure the fields of nanomedicine and antimicrobial resistance research.

Project collaborations

PneumoNP has associated within a cluster with 2 other projects working on antimicrobial resistance: FORMAMP and NAREB. Together with their teams, PneumoNP works towards unifying methods and uniting forces to further disseminate their work to the general audience, the industry and decision-makers. PneumoNP also collaborates with other projects. For instance, a workshop is collaboratively organized also with TRANSLOCATION.



Support to / by other initiatives

PneumoNP supports initiatives that tackle issues related to general health, innovation in nanomedicine, and antibiotic resistance. In particular, since 2015, PneumoNP supports the European Antibiotic Awareness Day by organizing a social media campaign and organizing local events. The following initiative are precious source of information for PneumoNP.


Other projects on nanomedicine

PneumoNP is a project funded by the FP7 under the topic “Nanotherapeutics to treat bacterial infectious diseases”. 14 projects also get funded at the same time.  Also, some other research projects, similar to PneumoNP, are listed below.