PneumoNP: Exciting 6-month race ahead

With only six months to go before its end, the PneumoNP consortium gathered once more for their penultimate progress meeting on June 20-21, 2017 hosted in the beautiful city of Maastricht by project partner PathoFinder.

During the 1.5-day meeting, the consortium partners discussed the course for the last six months of the project’s duration. The primary goal to bear in mind: to reach the maximum outcome of the project!

Meeting in Maastricht

PneumoNP focuses on the development of a theragnostic system for the treatment of resistant Gram-negative bacterial infections in the lungs. For the treatment, a nanotherapeutic based inhalable antibiotic will be developed composed of a nanocarrier combined with an antimicrobial peptide. Based on the concentration of the drug in the lungs, level of toxicity side effects and the therapeutic efficacy of the nanoformulations used in pilot tests, the setup of the in vivo tests at Erasmus MC was fixed at the meeting.

PneumoNP’s consortium

PneumoNP’s consortium at its meeting in June 2017 in PathoFinder’s facilities

A visit to PathoFinder’s facilities rounded up the meeting. PathoFinder contributes to PneumoNP by improving the usage of antibiotics with the development of a diagnostic kit. The kit allows to identify antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria from a unique sample.


Right before its end, PneumoNP is happy to announce its 2nd workshop. It will take place within the scope of the Molecular Imaging Workshop (MIW2017) organised by PneumoNP partner CIC biomaGUNE on November 20-23, 2017 in San Sebastian, Spain. The MIW2017 offers the opportunity to discuss molecular imaging applications to neurosciences and oncology. PneumoNP will take part with a half-day workshop on November 23, 2017. Several partners from the project will present their work in PneumoNP in relation to imaging.


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