Review of 2016 before entering the last year of PneumoNP

Successful 2nd PneumoNP Review Meeting

Just as the new year has begun, the PneumoNP consortium came together in Brussels on January 16-17, 2017 for a combined 2-day Progress/Review Meeting.

The last three years in PneumoNP passed quickly with plenty of work already done towards developing a new method for the treatment of Klebsiella pneumoniae caused infections. The 4-year project is now entering its final phase in 2017. Therefore, the partners gathered together in Brussels for their 6th Progress Meeting which was dedicated to the progress made in the last six months but had a special focus on what the project needs to do in the next 11.5 months to bring the project to a successful end. This especially concerns the tests with different types of nanocarriers combined with Antimicrobial Peptides (AMPs) to obtain a novel effective inhalable antimicrobial nanosystem. The consortium got into fruitful discussions on the final steps to be implemented towards this goal.

“Great cooperation in working together”

On the second day, the consortium met Dr. Heico Frima, their EC Project Officer, and Dr. María Blanco Prieto as reviewer for their 2nd Review Meeting.

PneumoNP consortium

PneumoNP consortium at its meeting in January 2017

The coordinator and Work Package leaders presented the work done in 2015 and 2016 giving the Dr. Frima and Dr. Blanco Prieto the opportunity to assess the project’s progress and raise questions. Overall, the project’s progress and especially the interaction of the partners were evaluated positively. In this regard, Prof. Iseult Lynch, External Advisory Board member of PneumoNP, who joined the consortium for the Progress as well as the Review Meeting said: “This is a really engaged project. There is great cooperation in working together and solving problems together.” The consortium will endeavor to keep up this spirit for the final year.


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