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Meet us at ECCMID 2017

PneumoNP partners will attend ECCMID 2017 in Vienna, Austria, from 22-25th April 2017. ECCMID is a major event for experts ...
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P.R.I.T.® air-liquid interface system principle and setup for the PneumoNP project

The P.R.I.T.® lung model to test nanoparticle-based drugs

The German technology P.R.I.T.® with its air-liquid interface imitates lung behaviour. It is used for the first time to test ...
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PneumoNP consortium

Review of 2016 before entering the last year of PneumoNP

Successful 2nd PneumoNP Review Meeting Just as the new year has begun, the PneumoNP consortium came together in Brussels on ...
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New publication: Synthesis of Single–Chain Nanoparticles in Aqueous Media

Synthesis and Functionalization of Dextran–Based Single–Chain Nanoparticles in Aqueous Media Abstracts Water-dispersible dextran-based single-chain polymer nanoparticles (SCPNs) were prepared in ...
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PET image

Imaging data reveals nanomedicines in lungs

An experiment carried out in Spain shows the distribution of an inhaled nanomedicine in rat lungs. The PneumoNP project aims ...
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